Big Heart Foundation successfully combines Syrian local knowledge and leadership with international experts as well as the highest humanitarian standards with private sector field-tested approaches. As a result, Big Heart benefits from unrivaled access, an excellent level of community acceptance and a deep commitment to implementing sustainable programs.

Established in response to the Syrian conflict, the Big Heart Foundation is a Syrian-led, non-profit NGO founded in 2013, which aims to alleviate human suffering through the impartial provision of humanitarian assistance. The protracted crisis in Syria has resulted in a context that challenges traditional humanitarian response strategies. As a result, Big Heart designs and implements innovative and effective interventions for immediate relief, as well as, sustained programming to build resilience of affected populations and foundations for a better future.

Since 2013, Big Heart has delivered vital assistance to vulnerable and underserved communities with a well-established, dynamic team of humanitarian, private sector and thematic and regional experts. Big Heart programming includes essential food and Non-Food Items (NFI), shelter, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Livelihoods, and Education services.

Since June 2013, Big Heart has delivered more than $118 million in aid of which in-kind donations account for $80 million.

With its unique DNA, Big Heart has developed the necessary contextual understanding, local acceptance, logistical and human resources to provide assistance-to-scale in response to increasingly complex situations.

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