November 14th 2022
Why the continuation of UN-coordinated cross-border aid into Syria absent a UN-security council resolution is lawful.
May 24th 2023
On May 13th, 2023, Syrian authorities extended their consent for UN humanitarian agencies to use international border crossings at Bab Al- Salameh and Al-Ra'i for 90 days. This follows consent having previously been given for UN humanitarian agencies to use those border crossings after the earthquakes of February 6th, 2023. Although prior ARCS' analyses have demonstrated that state consent is not a legal prerequisite for remote cross-border aid programming by UN humanitarian agencies, the extension of consent reinforces the basis on which they may do so, and fulfils basic legal obligations not to arbitrarily refuse, and more importantly not to arbitrarily withdraw, consent to humanitarian-need-centred offers of principled humanitarian aid.

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