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Imagine a highly rated doctor who does everything for his patients. He provides top quality care to each person that comes to his office. This doctor helps not only his patients but improves the lives of his community and specific industry. He gives so much to a country he fought hard to be in. He respects the laws, pays his taxes, and contributes in many ways to this country. Now imagine that this model-citizen was told you cannot work, you cannot get access to your bank accounts, you can no longer drive, and you may be forced to leave this country?

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Nada Odeh is among the 7,000 Syrian Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders living in the United States. Nada is a well-known art educator, visual artist and museum curator. She works with folklore societies, refugee communities, and museum associations all over the country, using art to tell stories, connect people, and heal trauma.

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